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so since my hand is currently injured I finished up my shop with the con left overs. you can find it here:
thank you all in advance! I apreciate it if you can share it around!
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Okay, so I totally forgot to make this announcement...*nervous laughter*
Heres the thing, since the new tfa comic "trial & error" has been released, I need to ADAPT my story to it.
That, and I also got caught up in all the pages I HAD ready.
So, I need some time to catch up on pages and re-organize my plotline.
I hope that isn't a problem, I might try and tackle New begginings meanwhile, MAYBE, but in general I'll still be working on rescue mission.
I've also been having difficulty with my health problems, which has decreased my art rate, I hope that isn't too big a deal, I'm trying to catch up.

Also, thank you so much to everyone that gave me votes of confidence! it really means a lot to me! and it keeps me going. Without it I would have just stopped doing art. I'm trying to catch up on answering comments as well >.>'

On a last note: commissions will be open again soon, with new prices and new options.
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Ok, so by popular request, I’ll be preparing a little almanac of my own, with my original designs on canon characters that either didnt make it to the show, or had bad recolors and lazy designs to begin with.

but I am lacking ideas for the aestetics of the booklet, and thats where you come in!

I need ideas on what I should do for a cover, I dont want to use OCs, and I dont want to use official designs.

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Hey everyone! So its over, and im lying in my hotel's bed, cuz my knees hurt so bad i can hardly stand, gonna rest as muvh as possible before my flights back home.
Tfn was amazing, so many great people, so much fun!
I miss it already.
Anyway, good news for u guys: there are leftover prints stickers postcards and even some originals!
Ill be setting up sonething so u can see it later.
Anyway, ill also later be making a special mentipn of all the amazing artists i met with links to their wonderful peices of art.
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Hey everyone! so I'm going to TFNation this weekend! dying to meet everybody!
anyway I've done a prices listing now, you can find it on my tumblr:…
or my twitter:
where I'll also try and be posting updates of the con(hopefully I'll get internet there)

Apparently DA doesnt have a qeue submission option. so I wont be able to submit while I'm there.
I'll do so at the next avaiable date though!

Until then! cya 'all!

ps. I will TRY and finish commissions before I go, but no promises.
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congratulations survivor-soldier, you're my 1500th watcher! for this I am offering you a request for free :) please note me for what you want
thank you so much to everyone that has followed me until today, and still follows, it means SO much to me, you have no idea.
I am happiest when I'm here, sharing my art with you, and sharing the love that is the transformers fandom!
So THANK YOU. I hope to keep bringing you art worth viewing!
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Okay, so TFNation is almost here, and at it, they are finally, giving us the ending of the series.
its going to be an exclusive comic, and omg I dont think I've ever wished for something this bad.
at least not something material.
so, even if you're NOT american, go to their facebook, and like the shit out of that thread, reblog it too.
the more people like and reblog it, the more interest it shows to hasbro  that people still very much care and want more of this series!
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I couldn't get in for almost an entire week! ;W; I still cant get in on my computer and on my phone, but somehow managed on my crappy old laptop?
ANYWAY, I'm so sorry for the lack of content! I've been having terrible support to get this back, and I'm still dealing with it all.
I've been stressing like crazy.
I'll put up the page as soon as I get it to work on my regular computer, where the files are.
hopefully it wont be much longer! But this is why I haven't been very active here!
once again I apologize for everything!

update: ty everyone for you kind words and concern! everything is solved now, thank god. so no more issues. I do advise changing your passwords tho, there is an alarming number of ppl saying they know someone else that just had the same problem...
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Check out this awesome artist!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 30, 2017, 4:03 PM

Hey everyone! I've been meaning to do this for four months so...heres my first one! artist feature! and I've been wanting to start with :icongreenapplefreak:!
I've known her for a long time, and she has her own unique transformers look to her art, which is AWESOME and super hard to do! So I really admire it! she recently just published an entire comic feature sideswipe in the bayformers! SARMA Roundabout Cover by greenapplefreak
You should also check out her universe of "SARMA" (Sunstreaker's and Rod's magical adventure) which is drop dead adorable, and yet super in character!
I also want to thank her for recently donating 100 points ! thank you so much dear! Now I really must get to that SARMA pic I've been meaning to do for forever!

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TFNATION artist stall

Journal Entry: Wed May 31, 2017, 5:43 AM

Allright! I got a table at TFnation! so I'll be there taking commissions, selling prints and maybe stickers. I'll have to see about those >.>
I'm going to TRY my best to have my rescue mission reboot comic done by then so I can have a few copies for sale there.
But no promises on that one.

If you don't know what TFnation is: its the biggest transformers convention in Europe, currently in englang birmingham, from the 11th august to the 13th.

A few famous people from the tf world are going, you can check out more on their

Ahhh, now I have tons to do, yay!
I hope I can keep up, fisiotherapy is being extra harsh and painful, so I hope I have the energy.
anyway, if you have any suggestions for my table! please! shoot away! I'd like to hear from you guys!
I'll also be taking pre-commissions where I'll be doing the work before the convention, then printing and delivering at the convention.
I still have to figure out the max size I can do for the prints. but exect my max to be an A3. MAYBE.

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Tf nation? has anyone gone?/is going?

Journal Entry: Tue May 16, 2017, 7:47 AM

I got suggested to it by someone last night, and Idk, I'm maybe considering it?I'd like to hear more about it I guess?
I don't feel too confident, in fact, I'm feeling extremely shy about it.
So I dont know? I'd like to go, I'd even like to have a booth in the artist alley, but...idk...
I'm hesitant, I dont k now anything about tfnation, so I'm hoping someone here can fill me in? pretty please?

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Eurovision! HELL YEAH!

Journal Entry: Sun May 14, 2017, 3:33 PM

For anyone that wants to here Portugal's winning entry: 
Also to all the fucking haters about his interview and sore losers: 
Seriously? Do you know how hard it is to translate portuguese to english coherently? On the spot? Live?
Without much experience at doing just that?
Yeah well, he didnt either. if you hear what he says in portuguese it doesn't sound at all pretentious, and its kind and humble and innocent.
His song is all about love, and honestly? If you haters love steven universe, I dont know how you can not love this one, because the song is pretty much the same kind of shit and feeling , just with portuguese words.

I don't believe in borders, I believe in the whole world as one.
So people making this hate shit gets me angry as hell.
It was a beautiful, unique yet daring song.
So I'm saying this not for as a patriot, but as someone that happens to know the language, and can apreciate everything fairly.

Also they won before this in other contests, not because of his illness, but because the song IS good.
liston to other countries musics and radios every once in a while and you can find out how beautiful some of those songs can be, or how fun or wtv.

Even if you don't understand the words, the feeling is all there, and thats the essence of music, thats what matters.


ps. calling him salvadorable is still creepy ppl...really he just looks super ordenary in portuguese standards, our country is full of hundreds of copies of that...

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What kind of youtube tf content do you want?

Journal Entry: Thu May 4, 2017, 5:35 PM

Hey guys, so as some of you might know, I recently did a video reviewing a tfa character, and that was somewhat fun, a bit amateurish, and I'm a bit timid, so its not its best, but I do want to push myself more.
I've been trying to learn more on how to make better videos, gathering ideas and thoughts.
But I was interested in knowing what kind of content would you guys want?
I mean other than character reviews, which I already have planned for anyway.
But I don't know? Talks? theorizations of something specific? reviews of larger scale? art features?
Or even non tf stuff like, reviewing something with an animator's perspective in mind. I don't know.
I'd like to know more about what you think you would find interesting.
be it an actual video or more like a podcast just talking around?
I'm trying really hard to get back into the community, and build it up again here in DA, since it has fallen from what it used to be, and it used to be great, I want that for the old and newer fans. I want it back, but I need help to do it.
So please, give me feedback! Help me make this dream come true.
If we all help a little, we can make great things. 
We're all cogs in a great mach-*shot*

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Taking specific requests

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 17, 2017, 3:43 PM

I'm having a bit of a dry spell in ideas.
I wanna post more cannon art, but I have no ideas for more, so, I'm taking SPECIFIC requests.
cannons only, unless it includes an oc or another of mine.
give me ideas and I shall see if I make some

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Patreon!Discord!Comics! and more!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 7, 2017, 2:58 PM

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been a tiny bit inactive, as you might have read I've been dealing with viruses on my computer, and I THINK I finally might get a break from that.
anyway, I've been trying to set up a few things for the future, such as a patreon for my comics and other projects.
I've also been arranging for a better way to communicate everyone about news, updates, and etc.

So, I now have a discord channel just for the purpose of announcing livestreams, sharing art, building community and connect my patreon to it:

you can join there if you have discord, if you don't I really recommend it, its an easy way to communicate with people with the same interests, works on phones, you DON'T have to speak necessarily, and its all free. easy to install too.~

Onto other things!
I don't have it quite ready yet. But the patreon idea is in the works, and I was wondering if there were any rewards and the likes you guys would be interested in for it? I wanna make it worthwhile and interesting so yeah.

As for the comic:
its coming along, despite my recent struggles where I lost a page like five times now *grumbles something unpleasant that would make Ratchet blush*
I'm surprised a lot of you chose traditional comic over the motion comic, but thats okay with me, I just wanted a preference :) thank you all for you patience in voting. But your votes DO affect the comic and my choices in it, and they've been ever so helpful!

And finally the more: I've been working on making a youtube channel with, not just art videos, but also discussion and information sharing videos about several different shows, with my biggest focus being transformers since I've ammaunted considerable knowledge of it over the years now.
I'd like to know if people were intered in that.

Thank you again! I hope to see you when I see you!

PS. I also added a forum in my profile page where you can talk if you want >3> only if you want *scampers away*

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Rescue mission reboot or/+ continuation?

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 9, 2017, 3:11 PM

Hey everyone, its been a while...yeah...I've been itching to do some comics, but I've been having trouble with the ones I have because they're all very finished and include a TON of background design which..haha...not gonna lie, not my cup of tea.
So I've been wondering and musing on some things, and looking back at my first comic "Rescue Mission".
Theres a few holes, blanks and things left unanswered, and I eventually figured why not work on that?
I can explain things better, fill in holes, patch mistakes etc.
But question is what would be most intersting to you all?
I realize most of my viewers dont even look at my stuff any more, much less my old readers.
But I feel like I need to go back to my roots.

So I want to know, as readers, what sounds more excitting? a reboot of rescue mission? Or a continuation of it?
I want to hear opinions, I want to hear wishes. 
What characters do you want? what do you want to see? what do you want to know?
Let me know please! I really need your guidance in order to bring you the best material possible!

Thank you for your time!!

To be clear: 
a reboot would be redoing the whole comic from scratch, better and awesomer!

the continuation alternative:
theres a small opening for a short comic ( maybe shorter than the current version of rescue mission) for some story which I can work on.

So yeah, finally opening one and putting some the stuff I've been making for the past years.
So here we go!
Don't forget to like and share!

The shop can also be followed on:
instagram- Diamond_Crusade
Facebook - Diamond Crusade
twitter - Diamond Crusade
Finally! This year I will finally remember to write a journal to answer everyone that gave me a happy birthday!
You  have no idea how December is harsh on me, it always gives me the worst waves of depression, sometimes even leading to suicidal thoughts. Its a really harsh month for me.
Its the reminder that another year passed by, and I haven't had any progress or sucess with my life, that I'm getting older, its a reminder that people don't really know me, and just how few friends I have.
and to top it off I'm always cursed with a horrible bad luck, so that doesn't really help.
So when strangers or aquaintances take a minute of their day to wish me a happy birth day, when my own family members don't even bother, its a relief.
I may not feel it at the time, which is why this journal always gets delayed or forgotten, but it does help, a lot. It makes a difference.
The past years themselves have been...harsh. Plain cruel in fact. My depression gets better and worse, depending on events, but I'm still fighting it, even if I have very little strengh left to do so and hardly any hope.

I realize I've mentioned it before, but I dont think I've quite ever explained myself (I don't have to but its nice).
So if you want, just skip this last part, but it might enlighten where I'm going with my art in 2017, and whats been going on with it for the past 7 years.

Sigh, ok, deep breaths and here I go.
I started drawing for real in 2007. Like actually work on it, before it was just passtime doodles, even though I grew up raised by two art teachers, it was just a hobby and something I loved doing.
Discovering that I could make projects, stories, movies, with my art, just strenghned my joy for it. it was like nothing I'd ever felt, I'd never been so happy over something, and in general I've never had much to be happy about in my life.
It became especially strong when I was introduced to transformers animated, and I can't recall a higher height of my joy for making art.
The peices were decent, but I was learning fast to improve and reaching my goal, I had tons of feedback, people actually liked my stuff and were responsive! It was amazing, I felt like I was part of something for once. and truly the transformers community at the time was wonderful.
Of course over time as I got better, the community got a bit more rotten, there were a lot of art thefts, and most of the other artists I socialized with diappeared because they either couldnt handle it, or life got the better of them. This made me sad, but I held on, stayed my ground and continued, even if my quantity of work was decreasing alarmingly.
I wasn't enjoying things as much, and people weren't responding as much either.
I know my art is still good, its better than ever, but that wasn't the issue.
Eventually I found myself accepted to one of the best animation schools in europe: The Animation workshop in Denmark.
And as my dear best friend told me the other day: its like a part of me died when I went there. The part that loved doing art.
and backtracking my steps I noticed, yes, I was getting into a funk, but I was still enjoying things, but Denmark did do something to me, it did break me, and I do feel like a part of me died there.
I had several really horrifying situations there: I had a person responsble for our year and guidding us, and she was terrible at it to be honest, but to top it off, she had a thing against me, against everyone that wasnt scandinavian really, even though she herself wasn't even one.
But it seems particularly me. Because I was accused of several things I didn't do, I was put at disadvantage, often not being told of due dates which was her responsability, missing exams because she didnt send emails on time, getting the wrong instructions for assignments and tests... you get the picture.

By the end of year two there, I was in a heavy depression, I was so stressed out, I was constantly getting sick, and worse of all, I was having black outs. Moments where I'd be in a hard conversation, and then my brain would go black, I knew I was still awake, I could feel my body, could struggle to move it, but nothing worked. and I knew I heard sounds but I couldn't register them.
This by far was terrifying. I started having panic attacks, anxiety attacks, heart burns all the time, trouble breathing...
and then, at the end, we have to get chosen to work on a certain movie for our third year, and my counceler, plus my headmaster wanted to force me to work on one of the projects, which was a pornographic movie, promoting rape (yes, get that through your heads).
I flat out told them no. I refused, I didn't want that on my portfolio, and it was not what I wanted to do for animation.
I have all the respect possible for someone who does pornographic animation, I dont care. I didn't want to be that person.
So, they began flunking me out of the blue, made me fail all the exams so I wouldn't pass the year, then came and told me the worst:  "You're just not good enough".
This hit me so hard, its now a trigger word for me, whenever I read it directed at me, or hear it, it strikes hard, and I can't even describe the pain it gives me, emotionally and physically. Its crippling to a level it sometimes makes me want to just kill myself and end it all, even if I don't believe suicide to be an answer, and wouldn't resort to it, it makes me think it, it makes me WANT it. And thats...thats just not right. No one deserves that feeling.

So, the result was me being put on "leave of absence" for...four years  now? I think.
I've been depressed this whole time, fighting to get better, fighting to make it all go away or at least to not bother me anymore, and its hard, its so hard, its like you're fighting a war with your own life, trying to breathe when it keeps pushing you under the water.
I constantly feel like I have a noose tightened around my neck, and at any moment the floor beneath me will give away, letting gravity do its work.
I've never stopped fighting, all this time I haven't.
But as seen in my gallery, I...I still can't feel joy for doing art anymore...
sometimes, if I'm REALLY lucky, I get a glimpse of it. but its so rare its almost like once a year...but it keeps me believing that I can get it back, its somewhere deep in there, I just have to keep looking and find it.
So for one more year, I ask for your patience, and your forgiveness if I am not the most active memeber, I do try.I think about it every day. And I want it, its everything that I want, I just want to enjoy doing art once more.

Thank you for staying with me this long. It has been an honor to have you accompany me in this journey, and I hope we can continue for many more years to come.
With that said,

Lyrica out.
Ok so I'm gonna start doing the streams of december with some hours, at 12:00 and at 19:30 every day.

sorry guys for missing some of the streams, I've been getting a little sick and stuff so yeah, but today! Today we're doing warframe, mission: war within!
So come up and join us on this epic quest of heartbreak.
Hey guys, its been a while since I've streamed some stuff, so I'm gonna start one now with my buddy ann, we'll be doing some art. We intend to do a christmas advent thing where we do a stream each day of december, so come and join us! Dont be afraid to check in late, we might be here a lonnnggg whileeee!

heres the link for our multi stream:…
dont be afraid to chat! :)